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Departement of Nursing, Health Polytechnic Makassar

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BACKGROUND - The nurse is someone who has the ability, responsibility, and authority to carry out the services or nursing care discharge planning is one, but its implementation has not been as expected.


OBJECTIVE - This study aimed to describe relationship between workload and supervision with the implementation of discharge planning in  inpatient wards Makassar Faisal Moeslim Hospital.


METHODS- This studyused crosssectional study design. There were 46 nurses selected to be sample using total sampling technique and data were analysis using computer program.


RESULTS - These results study showed that there was a relationship between nurse  workload and discharge planning implementation p = 0.04 (α< 0.05). There was a relationship between supervision and discharge planning implememtation  p = 0.19 ( α< 0.05 ).


CONCLUSION - The results study showed that there was a relationship between Workload and supervision with implementation discharge planning in inpatient wards Makassar Faisal Moeslim Hospital ,This study suggest nurse are expected to improve the ability of them self and behavior to perform better time.