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Edi Hasan

Department of Nursing Pare – Pare, Health Polytechnic Makassar



BACKGROUND-Service quality and standard highly determined by mentality of service provider and service model, for officer in public healthy service sector in do their job have bounded by employment curse that be able give service as good as possible with undiscriminate between the rich and the poor, definite group or ethnic with standard of medic service for a doctor and nursing care standard for nurse and to be guided by fixed procedure so mistake storey can press to be little as possible so costumer hope can fulfilled.


OBJECTIVE-The direction of research to analysis the influence of service quality toward satisfaction of a long  stay patient in the region public Hospital of A. Makkasau Pare - Pare .


RESULTS-Results of service standard dimension research : reliability dimension as big 43 %, assurance 69 %, tangible 67 %, empathy 77 %, responsiveness 74,5 %. Quality of  healthy  service in a long stay unit in the region public hospital of a. Makkasau Pare - Pare  have appropriate with patient hope. There is a significant influence in reliability dimension, assurance and responsiveness toward satisfaction in the long stay unit in the region public Hospital of A. Makkasau Pare - Pare .


CONCLUSION -Advice for important of increase the officer skillful to increase their reliably. Service guarantee that be better and conception with quickly and exactly sense to enable more increase standard that have consequence toward patient satisfaction that use hospital serve merit.