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While urban living continues to offer many opportunities, jobs and services, today’s urban environments can concentrate health risks and introduce new hazards. Urban health risks are distributed unequally among social groups, with most of the burden concentrated among vulnerable segments, particularly those living in slum areas, where some 40% of urban population growth is occurring. WHO estimates 63% of global mortality, about 36 million deaths per year, is due to noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). A large proportion of these deaths are attributable to risks related to the urban built environment. These risks include: physical inactivity and obesity, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases from transport-generated urban air pollution, ischaemic heart disease and cancers from household biomass energy use, asthma from indoor air pollution, and heat-related strokes and illnesses. Outdoor air pollution alone is responsible for 3.7 million deaths annually, mainly attributed to NCDs. Furthermore, physical inactivity is responsible for 3.2 million deaths annually, and traffic injuries cause some 1.3 million deaths annually – both health risks are likely to be much larger among urban populations. The 2nd International Conference on Urban Health (2nd IC-UH) of Health Polytechnic of Ministry of Health in Makassar will take place for two days in July 2019. Between 300 and 400 health professional will attend the conference as participants. 2nd IC-UH will also attract representatives from Temasek Foundation International, Budi Luhur International Network for Education (BIN for Edu), Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Regional Centre for Food and Nutrition (SEAMEO RECFON), lecturer, practician, policy makers from Ministry of Health and Local Government, and health students. Overall it is expected that approximately 500 people will attend the activities of the 2nd IC-UH over two days. As academia, we would like to do our best to carry out an international conference on urban health to present the newest and the recent research product related to urban health for better understanding, evaluating of research in this area, and developing a strategy for all nations on managing urban health. Thus, we invite for all researchers, lecturers, professional health workers for presenting their study in all aspect related to urban health in oral presentation or poster in our conference.

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